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Creative Learning Program

Imagine.  Ideate.  Collaborate.  Create.  Share.  Reflect.  Recreate.

A learning platform that opens up whole new worlds of information and imagination for the young children. It enhances children’s cognitive power and also shapes their behaviour and emotions. Our unique curriculum takes children to a journey, where they move from their own experiences to the shared experience of the author/artist/scientist/theorist. In order to make learning more meaningful, personal and effective we teach through drawing, painting & craft, music, play, dance, films, dialogue, projects and other fun activities. This methodology not only helps a young child to understand and enjoy a concept but also provides the essential impetus to produce original ideas, which are crucial for creative expression.  

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Curricular landscape

Learner centric
Creative confidence
Scientific temperament
Critical thinking and problem solving
Resilience & adaptability
Socio-emotional skills
Communication and collaboration
Multiple intelligence approach
All-round personality development

Added Benefits: 

Learn from the comfort and safety of your home

Unique learner-centric platform with ample activities, projects and learning resources

Personal learning management system and individual profiling

One to one interaction with the mentor

A stage to showcase and shine your unique capabilities

Skill-set and interest analysis of the learners

Parents are oriented to understand the adopted pedagogical methodology.

Regular guidance and counselling for parents to scaffold the child’s learning at home. 

A group learning experience with children from different cities.Earn a certificate after completing the program


Age group 6 to 10

Payment Options
Total Modules
4 Weeks16 Weeks
Program Fee

About WunderkInd Founder

Shreyashi Chakraborty Roy is a founder director of WUNDERKIND, an organization formed to bring about much-needed creativity and innovation in the field of education and research. She ardently advocates the development of the intellectual and creative potential of the children as well as the teachers. She holds a strong academic background. She is a science graduate from the University of Delhi; and a qualified postgraduate with a specialization in Elementary Education from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Her experience in both formal and non-formal setup has made her more confident about the diverse pedagogical sites. She has actively experienced and aced different facets of education like teaching, curriculum designing and implementation, TLM development, capacity building of the teachers, etc. In addition to her academic work, she writes poems and short stories in Hindi and English; and has also written the screenplay for art movies, Sā-The Search, based on the lives of the Tribal Painters in Jharkhand and Magical Script, the film is a tribute to Dr. Loko Bodra, credited with the finding of the Warang Kshiti (Ho script). 

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