DESIGN TEACHING : Foundation of Creative Pedagogy

Discover creative confidence and build a classroom of your passion and dreams.

A teacher is one of the most crucial actors in the pedagogical site. Their role is vital in spearheading the child’s journey as an eternal learner.  Design Teaching is a teacher professional development program, where we nurture and support the teachers to become a remarkable source of motivation and knowledge in the life of their pupils. So, they bring about a culture of innovative thinking in each classroom.

Let your creativity find an expression.
Come and become a remarkable teacher!

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Programme outcome

Extensive knowledge and competence to Create an Inspired  and Motivated class

Creative confidence 

Teach for deeper understanding

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Positive mindset towards challenges and failure

Constructive assessment 

design teaching PROGRAMme

Live sessions
No. of participants/ workshop
8 weeks
8Pre primary and primary teacher

Added Benefits

Learn from the comfort and safety of your home

Access to a personal learning management system

Ample activities, projects and learning resource

One to one mentoring

The place to showcase and shine passion and unique capabilities

A group learning experience with educators from different cities

Earn certificate after completing the program

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